Mayor Yaniv Aronson

I am a local teacher, community college professor and volunteer. I served as the first Chairman of the Conshohocken Plymouth Whitemarsh Rotary Evening Club and still remain an active member.  I am also a member of the Conshohocken Community Garden as well as the Conshohocken Running Club and serve as Borough Council's liaison to the Conshohocken Environmental Advisory Council and the Conshohocken Dog Park Committee.
Public safety is my top priority and we have already seen positive safety changes with new crosswalks, paving and trail markings on the River Trail, the repainting of West 6th Ave and, soon, with new traffic lights and intersection upgrades along Fayette St. 
I have dedicated my life to teaching and mentoring the most vulnerable in our society and believe in fairness, helping our neighbors, and doing the right thing, something I fight for everyday as your mayor. 
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